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LawMate PV-500 Neo DVR. Nanny Cam, Spy Gear, Spy Camera

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This is the lawMate PV-500 Neo recorder. A brand new innovation from Lawmate. a HD Wi-Fi enabled DVR

The PV-500 Neo Recorder is a part of the new 2018 Wi-Fi enabled devices from LawMate. You will be able to connect to Android and iOS devices to provide fill system control and live monitoring

The PV-500 Neo recorder does not feature a screen which permits an increase in battery life to 4 hours. If you opt for the 4400mAh battery, operational time increases to approximately 8 hours+ on a full charge.

There are a number of options when it comes to using cameras. You have the new BU18 Neo Button Camera which features a new, simpler cable design. This camera offers incredible low-light capability, as low as 0.03 Lux. This 1100 TV line camera captures incredible video and audio. There is also a 'cone' version of this camera available.

It is worth noting that both cameras mentioned are designed for the PV-500 Neo and PV-500 Neo pro recorders ONLY and are not compatible with previous DVR models.