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LawMate PV-AC20uni AC Adaptor

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This is the LawMate PV-AC20 HDWI Camera System, a WI-FI enabled, high definition covert recording device cleverly disguised as an everyday mains adaptor.

This device is directly mains powered negating the need to ever worry about recharging the battery. Simply plug into a standard UK 3 pin mains socket and leave it to covertly record in 1080p HD with time stamping. 

The recorder element is build in to the mains adaptor; this is also the location of the AGC microphone. The camera is discretely hidden in the front of the adaptor allowing easy installation and application in every day office or home environments. The new PV-AC20i also features wi-fi connectivity to either android or iOS smart device applications allowing full user control and live previewing. 

The camera is fitted with a one-touch operation so you can also operate it manually. Supplied is a 8GB micro SD card which will capture up to 4 hours of continuous video and full resolution, or much longer when using motion detection. It is compatible up to 32GB.

To playback the recorded video you can connect the camera to your computer with the supplied USB cable or place the SD card in to a standard card reader to playback via your computer. Alternatively, use the Wi-Fi connectivity to view or even download the video remotely.

Also supplied with the camera are international adaptors allowing you to take your covert camera system overseas if required (UK/US/EU/Australia). You can also charge USB powered devices from this recording system.