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Lawmate PV-BT10i Bluetooth Speaker, Covert Camera, Nanny Cam

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Externally this looks identical to an every day Bluetooth Speaker. It is in fact an IP and Wi-Fi enabled complete recording solution. It has a full 1080p HD Camera equip, as well as a Law enforcement grade microphone for audio capture.


This device is a fully functional Bluetooth speaker as well as covert recording solution. In order to get the most out of the battery, we recommend only using this function while it's plugged into the mains.

The 'speaker' is Wi-Fi and IP based which can be remotely accessed using this PV Cam Viewer application, which can be downloaded on your smart device. It can also record directly onto a memory card.

With a 1080p HD video camera, recording at 1920 x 1080 pixels equip a full charged battery will provide up to 180 minutes of video (with bluetooth disabled). The camera is supplied with a 16GB Micro SD card and will support cards up to 32GB. You can choose whether to watermark the videos with  time and date.

Producing Law Enforcement grade audio and video. This is a great addition to anyones spy gear collection.

​The covert camera will allow you to record in any situation while maintaining a very low risk profile.