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Cimex Q+ Audio Recorder, Spy Recorder

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The Cimex Q+ Audio Recorder is the latest in listening and recording devices. It features an easy callback function which allows you to listen as you record.

This device was made with the general public in mind, it does not use an overly complicated system to operate. The device simply has 2 commands to turn VOX on or off. The recorder has to be manually activated before deployment. The Cimex Q+ is equip with high quality microphones supplied by Knowles inc. This ensures the quality of the audio captures is clear and concise.
The device can record audio from up to 10 meters away. It has the ability to add a time and date. The minimalistic design holds a 2000mAh battery. It features up to 8GB of local storage to which the audio is recorded on to.


  • Control The control is very simple. As there is one button or switch which activates the voice recorder. All you have to do is turn the switch ON and voice recording is active. For activation of the VOX callback function simply send sms  "1111" to the number inside the unit.
  • VOX activation The sensitivity VOX chip which is inside is activated between 45-55db but can be adjusted in case you need to pick up lower voices. This has to be done in advance.
  • Size Miniature size 76 x 33 x 14mm makes this device ideal device for covert operations.
  • Recording functions There is only mode which is VOX activated recording with timestamps. The device is using 2 modules where one is designated only for the voicerecording.
  • Battery life Incredible battery life it goes up to 100 days in the VOICE detection mode. The internal memory of 8gb fits up to 288 hours of recording in the MP3 codec.