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Cimex Q250, Audio Recorder, Spy Recorder

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The Cimex Q250 Audio Recorder has a voice detection mode that lasts around 250 days. It is the best from the Cimex series. It has a new chipset that enables you to set time and increases the storage capacity 

A key feature of this device is the simplicity of the design, it features a single switch which has 2 modes. Continuous recording and voice activated recording.
It has the ability to set the time on the device which is what sets it apart from the lower modules. Being a professional device, we highly recommend use in filed police tasks. It is ideal for every day patrols, with a study build and minimalistic look
It can facilitate around 150 hours of recording, which is incredible considering the size of the device. It comes equip with good quality microphones which gives you the ability to listen to audio 10 meters away from the source.


  • Control Simple control ( 3 positional systems, ON/OFF and Voice activation)
  • Microphones Very sensitive microphones, which are able to pick up voices or noises in a radius of up to 10 meters.
  • Battery life Incredible battery life; this spy recorder can go up to 250 days in voice detection and 150 hours of continous recording. These values can vary based on the battery type.