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LawMate AR100 Covert Audio Recorder

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The LawMate AR100 Covert Audio Recorder, a covert audio recording system cleverly disguised as a standard car key fob.


The AR100 is a device that functions with the tap of a button. The internal rechargeable battery allows up to 15 hours continuous recording to the internal 2GB of memory. It has approximately 50 hours of standby time. Using the supplied USB cable provides fast USB download times to your computer. This simple and effective surveillance device captures law enforcement grade audio recording that can be used as evidence. 

This is a professional grade audio recording that can be set to trigger by voice activation, or used manually for continuous recording. Simply attach to your key chain and never be without the high grade recorder. It is also supplied with Earphones which permits instant playback as well as a High Speed USB cable.


  • Voice Activated and continuous recording
  • Easy playback facility
  • Built-in AGC MIC
  • Vibration alert
  • LED Status Signal
  • 15 hours record time
  • 50 hour standby time
  • MP3 File format

1 x AR100 audio recorder
1 x Stereo headphones
1 x USB Cable (data transfer / charge)